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Kelly Sweeney

Planning & Zoning Candidate

Serving the community has always been a pleasure for me. As a young person, I was involved with Rotary club and participated in many different civic functions as an extension of my parents. The youngest in a working family, I focused on school and was fortunate to go to college on a nearly full merit scholarship where I studied political science and pre-law. Later I was lucky to have an employer fund my Master’s degree (Communication). Professionally I’ve advanced through a career in the legal industry in various marketing roles (presently marketing manager for Robinson+Cole in Hartford), learning both the art of campaigns and knowledge of the things that run our communities.
Currently I serve on the Charter Revision Commission. Previously I was appointed to the Board of Ethics, serving from 2017-2020. In addition to my political service for our community, I also serve as a Technology Deacon at First Church of Middletown.
The three most important P&Z related issues for me right now are balanced development (includes affordable housing, alternative energy), sidewalk/bicycle access, and observing buffer/green space/wastewater when considering zoning exceptions.
My life has had a lot of ups and downs, it’s my humble beginnings and the struggles I’ve experienced that keep me focused on serving the community. I’ve lived in many different places along the way, but Middletown is special to me. I look forward to meeting our citizens in person and welcome folks to approach me and say hello.

Kelly Sweeney
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